Policy Writings

Policy writings

Policy writings before I joined graduate school

  • 2015. Contemporary Piracy as an Issue of Academic Inquiry. A Bibliography, piracy-studies.org, Sept 2, with C. Bueger.

  • 2015. Beyond the Security Dilemma? De-Escalating Tensions in the South China Sea, Centre for International Maritime Security, August 6, 2015.

  • 2015. Liberal Cooperation vs. Great Power Rivalry? How the New U.S. Seapower Strategy Shapes World Order, piracy-studies.org, June 6, 2015.

  • 2014. “NATO after the Wales Summit: A Conference Report.” Cardiff: Cardiff University.

  • 2014. “African Approaches to Maritime Security,” Addis Ababa: Friedrich-Ebert Foundation.

  • 2014. Into the Blue: Rethinking Maritime Security. A Workshop Report, piracy-studies.org. July 11 (with Christian Bueger).

  • 2014. Reclaiming the Maritime? The AU’s New Maritime Strategy, piracy-studies.org, February 2.

  • 2011. Strategische Fehler der Pirateriebekämpfung: Somalia, Peacebuilding und die Notwendigkeit einer umfassenden Strategie”, INEF Report 104/2011. Duisburg: Institute for Development and Peace (with C. Bueger and S. Werthes).

  • 2011. The Mogadishu Roadmap: Towards a joint Maritime Security Policy for Somalia? Piracy-studies.org, October 15, 2011.

  • 2011. Pirates, Terrorists and Local Politics: The Professionalization of Somali Piracy, next Episode?, piracy-studies.org, August 1.

  • 2011. A Reliable Ally in the Fight against Piracy? Introducing Puntland,” piracy-studies.org, October 11.

  • 2010. Guns, Fish and Puntland: The Professionalization of Piracy?, piracy-studies.org, March 17.

  • 2010. Contested Urban Land: Approaching Land-based Conflicts and Land Management in Urban Somaliland (Academy for Peace and Development), with M. Abdi, S. Tani and N. S. Osman.

  • 2009. Somali Piracy and the International Response: Trends in 2009 and Prospects for 2010, piracy-studies.org, March 6.

  • 2008. No More ‘Grass Grown by the Spear’: Addressing Land-based Conflicts in Somaliland. Hargeisa: Academy for Peace and Development (with U. Terlinden, M. Abdi, S. Tani and N.S. Osman.